I have been diligently working hard for several months, particularly the last two months, to accomplish all the tasks needed to get this business up, running, stable, and profitable. 


I’m spending on average 20-25 hours per week on a variety of tasks, including documenting my journey through my blog, continually perfecting my website, drafting emails for my newsletter, and setting up all the tasks having to do with social media.  To say I’ve been kept busy would be an understatement.

I’m thoroughly enjoying about 98% of all of these tasks associated with setting up this online business. I am spending a lot of time learning the new CRM platform, Affiliate System, and all of its capabilities. I am proud I have learned a basic understanding of maintaining my WordPress website. I have created functioning click funnels (multiple, actually) to help capture the email addresses of my engaged audience, and I have drafted several dozen emails. This part of my journey has been so much fun.  Had you told me five years or so ago I would ‘geek’ out over doing all of this digital work, I would have thought you were crazy.  It’s funny how life takes a turn sometimes. 

I stumbled and fell (figuratively, of course… I promise I’m physically fine).  Life came at me pretty hard a couple weeks ago, and I found myself needing to put my business, my new “baby,” a few rows back on my priority list.


To backtrack a little and get you caught up to speed, I was at the stage in my business where I should be focusing on driving traffic to my website.  In other words, the creating stage of my business has for the most part been completed.  My focus now needs to be on documenting my journey, creating content for social media, and posting them to my social channels, and directing that traffic to my website. 

The inevitable social media integration of my business has been excruciatingly (and unnecessarily) difficult for me. I have had to tackle this with “kid gloves” and take things extra slow.  Luckily, I have a tremendous support system around me.  They have continually been my biggest cheerleaders. I’m so grateful for their support because I know I wouldn’t be able to do this without it. 


So about this time is when my personal life grabbed my arm and pulled me off-track.


Not only were there several things around the house that needed extra attention, I now seemed to have more obligations and appointments than I was juggling previously. While all the obligations were good things, they took me away from the business.

Before I knew it, the majority of the week had passed and I hadn’t drafted my blog post, something I try to do by Friday and post on Saturday. I kept telling myself I needed to stop, re-focus, and get back on track with my tasks, but I never quite pulled away from everything else going on.  


That weekend, we had the most glorious weather, the first beautiful weekend Atlanta had experienced yet this season. My favorite (new) hobby is gardening and all I could think about was getting my planters ready for the spring… something I have been wanting and waiting to do for months now, while waiting for the weather to warm up.  I enjoyed every moment of playing in the dirt, all two straight days of it. 

Even though I was behind on the business tasks, I poured myself into what I wanted to be doing, not what I should be doing. 


The following week (this week, actually), I have had the pleasure of my Mom visiting for the week. There’s nothing I enjoy more than spending quality time with my Mom, and I value all of the time we are able to spend together.  There’s little to no downtime, or free time, during her visits.  She enjoys food just about as much as I do so it’s imperative I take her to all my fun spots around town.  While I should be working, I’ve been out-and-about enjoying time with Mom.

Although it is by my own doing, I do feel behind and ill-prepared, and my focus is definitely “off.”  I’ve gone 0-dark-30 on the business for not quite two weeks now, something I’m not proud of, nor would I recommend.  The anxiety has started to build just a bit, which for me, is one of the major reasons why I retired from my previous career: anxiety and stress didn’t do me well.  We need to nip this anxiety stuff in the bud, pronto! 


These two weeks, back-to-back, created the perfect business-hiatus storm.


But then I had a thought.

Whoa. Mic drop moment here. 🎤


I have recognized lately that I’m leveling up in my business.  My understanding has grown and my perception of how to create this business is completely different than it was just a few months ago.  I feel a shift happening again as I’m going into the next level in the business. 


This next level scares me so. I feel I’m having to pull every creativity card I have, as well as I am having to step way outside of my comfort zone in order to do this thing.  I’m dedicated to this journey, there’s no turning back, so this is necessary. 


A re-shifting of my focus and re-calibrating my priorities may be in order. 

I then had the thought, “Isn’t this the very reason why you chose this online business world to begin with?  Didn’t you want the freedom to be able to take a step back when it was needed? The freedom to spend two solid days playing in the dirt in your garden, or spending the entire week with your Mom.. all because you can?!”


Although it took me a moment to grasp that concept, I had to remind myself that is the whole reason why I wanted to do this. I wanted the freedom to put this business on hold for short bouts, if I needed to.  Hopefully that doesn’t happen often, rarely would even be better… however, should I find myself in a position to need to re-focus life temporarily… I have that ability to do so. 


Perhaps one of the first times in my life, I am okay that I just took a step back and took a break.  I enjoyed my gardening, I’m currently enjoying my Mom’s visit, and when I’m ready… this business is waiting for me jump right back on in.  


Talk about freedom.

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18 thoughts on “The Inevitable Just Happened…”

  1. YES, YES, and YES!!! I don’t see these as distractions for your business. I see these as necessary priorities to keep you focused and fresh. I think it is valuable that you are keeping your business in mind, but spending time doing the things you love, things you find passion in and spending time with your mom. After all, this is the “freedom” you so greatly desire and deserve! This is not a set-back, but a set-forward, in my opinion! This coming Saturday, my blog post will be, coincidently, similar. So, cheers to you!

    1. Lauren Millman

      Wow, Ernie… I leave it to you to always give me a warm-and-fuzzy after a blog post! I say this each week, I know.. but truly I appreciate and adore your feedback. Thank you for sharing that this wasn’t a setback… I’ve been quite hard on myself these last few days about that, so I greatly appreciate it. You are right: this is the freedom I was seeking! Oh… and I CAN’T WAIT to read your post this weekend!

  2. Kate Loving Shenk

    Working from home requires a balance between work and play, for wont of a better way to say it. Play can mean many things but if you enjoy your work, that’s play, too. Enjoyment and Gratitude for what is yet to come is my philosophy. And we need mentors to keep us on track.
    You’re doing a great job, Lauren! Keep on digging up the earth. We can’t do any planting until Mother’s Day, here in Pennsylvania. Any sooner and we risk a frost.
    Being outdoors is the biggest win of all!

    1. Lauren Millman

      Thank you Kate! I’ll try to post more pictures as continue to plant more as it gets warmer! I love finding people that enjoy playing in the dirt as much as I do!

  3. Sarah Goulding

    You are not alone with this, and I really found comfort in your blog. Thank you so much for reminding me about flexibility. There is nothing wrong with stepping back, it’s important. You get to take a step back and look at your journey and where you want to go.
    We are on this journey to have freedom and to stop and smell the flowers and you a literally doing that so well done!

    1. Lauren Millman

      Thank you Sarah! I’m beyond happy to read that you found comfort in this blog; We all aren’t that different after all.

  4. Lauren,

    Sometimes we need to take a step back enjoy life and then refocus. There is nothing wrong with stopping and spending time doing what you love.

    Sometimes we just need to give ourselves permission to away.

    You are right the business will be there when you return. In many cases you return with a clearer vison of where you are and where you need to go.

    You Got This!!

    1. Lauren Millman

      You are very right, CJ… it was right there waiting for me when I returned. I may not be as far along as I would like.. but progress is still being made…. just not at a lightning-fast pace (which is okay).

  5. Milissa Neirotti

    Hi Lauren!
    Isn’t it funny how our upbringing still shadows the anxiety if we are not working what feels like 24/7? Remembering the reason WHY we started our affiliate marketing business is a must! Everyone should be as fortunate to be able to take a break and enjoy the moments turned memories that will make us smile for a lifetime! There is a quote that comes to mind, “Life shouldn’t be measured by how many breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away!” Both my parents have died. I miss them terribly.
    You are blessed to have this time with your mom! ❤️
    The business will always be there to refocus.
    All the best!
    Milissa Neirotti

    1. Lauren Millman

      Milissa…This is the VERY reason why I took a step back from the day-to-day responsibilities this past week… I value every moment I get to spend with my Mom. Stories like wha you shared are the exact reason why. Thank you for the kind words and the support!

  6. Sometimes, taking a few steps back is just want the doctor ordered! Believe me, I know it! LOL!
    Seriously though, sometimes we just have to go with the flow and not question as much as to what is happening. I know that the past couple of weeks have been full of quite the distractions and I’m definitely looking forward to having a few easier ones.
    Take the time to “source” yourself back up, smile and drive that traffic!

  7. Lauren, I appreciate your ability to share your vulnerable side and turn it around to recognize that sometimes, life intervenes with plans we may have scheduled. I think we all place so much pressure on ourselves to achieve results in a timely fashion; however, I believe that the kind of pressure and quality of action we put upon our lives creates turmoil when we feel that we’ve let ourselves down. We are harder on ourselves than anyone else could ever be. I LOVE your blog and your writing style. You have done so much work and preparation with your style, and you have much to be proud of. It’s a lot of work, and we must recharge between accomplishments. I look forward to following your journey as you continue moving forward,

    1. Lauren Millman

      Thank you so much Vanessa! I can’t tell you how much it means when I receive comments such as this, where I see that people are enjoying the style and design of my work. There’s a lot of time spent “behind the scenes” where a lot of subtle things fall into the background, but you always hope people appreciate them, even if a little bit. So thank you!

  8. Alison Blaire

    What a great perspective! I really needed to hear this today! When I visited my mom a few weeks ago, I felt the panic of not doing enough on my business and getting behind. But your outlook is spot on; the whole reason for starting affiliate marketing was the gift of time, no longer asking a boss for those days off, and being able to spend time doing things I enjoy. Since I haven’t gotten to that level of success, I think you must be working and feeling guilty when taking time off from the business. I really appreciate you sharing this because it makes my anxiety over stepping away and enjoying life reduced. I truly appreciate it because sometimes I need to be reminded that it is okay to just enjoy life!

    1. Lauren Millman

      I couldn’t agree more, Alison. I think we all could/should be reminded of this… probably even on a daily basis! I’m glad this resonated with you!

  9. Hi Lauren,
    Beautiful, life transforming “AHA” moment! I love when that happens. Sometimes only by taking a break and enjoying other things do we make room for our brain to connect all the dots and send us answer we were looking for. Congratulations! I love how you write – authentic and great pictures. I can feel your happiness when you talk about “digging in the dirt”. Many thanks – Michael

    1. Lauren Millman

      Thank you Michael! Mission accomplished, then… if you appreciate a little “digging in the dirt,” then I have completed my mission! Thank you for the kind words!


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