Hey newbie affiliate marketer, this post is for you!  

If you’re in the new stages of setting up your online affiliate marketing business, I believe this topic is a foundational component that you will undoubtedly need in your online business journey.

What I have grown to learn (and greatly appreciate) in this affiliate marketing business is the need for a marketing software system, or platform, that will allow you to create and deliver emails to your audience. 

When I first began affiliate marketing, setting up an email campaign to communicate with my audience was a thought that never crossed my mind.  I have mentioned in previous blog posts that when I first started this journey, I was under the impression social media would be the primary, maybe even the only, tool we used.  It wasn’t until I dove into the training did I start to understand the importance of an email list.  I am now of the opinion that a well-orchestrated email campaign is a critical component to my business.

Learning the ins-and-outs of drafting and implementing an engaging email campaign has been a welcomed task.  A large chunk of my time has been dedicated to drafting what I hope is quality and engaging email content.  I’m passionate about what I’m doing and I have a lot to say (if you know me, this won’t come as a shock) so writing it out is an enjoyable and creative outlet for me. 

When it comes to setting up your email strategy, or your email campaign, understand this task doesn’t end after you write your content.  Next, you will want to utilize a software, or email marketing tool, to send these emails to your audience.  Sometimes called an automation tool, this can be a stand alone software or platform (i.e. Aweber or Mailchimp) or it can be one component of a more robust, all-in-one platform known as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software.  Regardless which one you decide to use, this tool will house your audience’s contact information (once they have opted in to receive your content) and allow you to send emails to that audience.  (Read about my experience with several different platforms here.)  As your business grows, your audience will grow, and this tool will be crucial to stay in contact with your growing followers (whether large or small) through automatically or manually sending emails.

I know there are many people who don’t enjoy writing, or may find the idea of drafting emails or creating a blog to be excruciatingly painful, maybe even petrifying.  For those people, there are resources available to help with those emails so you can spend more time on the other tasks you enjoy. If you’re like me and you enjoy these tasks, then all the better!  (Side note: As I further dig into this journey, I hope to share more of those resources with you, as I discover them myself.)

You’ve likely received dozens if not hundreds of these pre-drafted, or scheduled, emails when you’ve opted into other email lists.  This is because successful businesses, whether large or small, understand the importance of having a direct line of communication to those who have either shown interest or conducted business with them. 

Social Media

Some people use social media as their only source to communicate with their audience.  Although social media is a powerful source to get noticed and be seen, I would encourage you to view social media as the tool you need to deliver an audience TO your email list. You may also view social media as the breadcrumb that directs them to your website and/or email list. 

Utilizing social media solely on its own is a very risky venture. You don’t own your social media account, you simply “borrow” an account on someone else’s platform.  I view this something like renting a room, or a little virtual “corner” of the internet, but you will ultimately never own it nor have much control over it.  At any time you stand the risk of your account being deactivated or shut down, etc, sometimes for illogical or unbeknownst reasons.  Your exposure to your audience is at their mercy, even though you have an audience of people who follow and want to hear from you.  Sometimes, only a portion of your content gets seen to all those who have opted to see your content.  

This, to me, is a bit too unpredictable and quite a gamble. When your plan is to run a business, and make money in that business, this is a risk I am not willing to take. I would rather pour my efforts into my website (i.e. blog) and my newsletter communication, where I own and control my exposure to my message.

When you send an email message, it will land in the recipients email inbox.  Now, whether or not they read it (perhaps landed in a spam folder, or they simply chose not to read it) will not be based on factors outside of our control (i.e. algorithms, etc.).  Email marketing is having a direct line of communication to your audience, without the risk of that communication being filtered through algorithms, etc.  This is invaluable when you are trying to get information, training, products, or services in front of people. 

When your email system is set up properly, and you have effectively funneled an audience onto your list who want to be there, you are ultimately sending information to a group of individuals who have told you they want to receive it.  Over time, as they grow, like, and trust you, they will be inclined to follow your suggestions and offers. This is a win-win for everyone.

So where does social media fit into the picture?  Social media is a phenomenal way to get in front of a “cold audience,” in other words, people who you are not already connected with or don’t know you.  This is where social means shines the brightest and does something that email marketing cannot do: it brings the audience to you, and thank goodness it does!  Use social media to drive traffic to those assets (i.e. blog, email list) that you do own.  When your social media brings you an engaged audience, this is where you invite them to further connect with you by joining your email list. 

Once that audience has agreed to receive emails from you, it’s then your responsibility to nurture that relationship through quality and engaging content.  This is where you get to pour into an engaged audience, educate and deliver what they are seeking to improve their life.

Both your social media and your email marketing strategies are critical pieces to your business, but understanding where to apply them to maximize your efforts is just as important.  I wouldn’t recommend nor would I want to use one and not the other. 

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38 thoughts on “Social Media and Email Marketing in your Online Business”

  1. Kate Loving Shenk

    I like the idea of broadcast emails, because I can point people to a blog I just wrote. Of course if the post is already all over social media, that doesn’t make the broadcast very special now does it🤔🤔🤔

    1. Lauren Millman

      Absolutely, Kate. Being able to send your newsletter/email subscribers to your blog or invite your blog readers to join your email list… both a great way to fuel each other!

  2. Eleanor Hope

    Hi Lauren,
    Just love your style!!
    The colors and layout are clean and lovely.

    Growing an email list is a core skill in email marketing, and as you say belongs to you that you can access whenever you want as opposed to suddenly being locked out of a social media platform as I know some people have experienced.

    I know of a marketer who has created their own social media hub so that they can have more control and are closing out their FB group!

    I am looking forward to learning copywriting skills to be confident in sending awesome emails.

    I have subscribed to your newsletter and looking forward to learning from you in this critical area!!
    Thank you.
    Eleanor Hope recently posted…Feel The Fear And Push ThroughMy Profile

    1. Lauren Millman

      Thank you Eleanor for the kind words. I’m truly grateful you enjoyed it and love my website design! I am looking forward to you receiving my newsletter as well!

  3. Hello Lauren – I, too, never quite understood the power of creating and maintaining an email list. If I can be honest, I am still trying to grasp the concept, but I do tend to overthink things. I never thought of Social Media in the way you presented ” You don’t own your social media account, you simply “borrow” an account on someone else’s platform.” I never considered that is so true! Thank you for waking me up to this obvious fact. Have a great day!

  4. Wow, what an insightful post! 🌟 As a fellow affiliate marketer, I couldn’t agree more with the importance of email marketing in our online business journey. I get what you mean about the initial focus on social media and then discovering the power of email campaigns. It’s a game-changer, for sure!

    Here’s to our continued growth and learning on this exciting journey!

    1. Lauren Millman

      Absolutely Tony! Thank you for following and I look forward to us continuing to lean on each other during our journeys!

  5. Lauren, I hope you trip to Jax is enjoyable. I live a couple hours North. Hey, on your Blog, that is pretty in-depth and you know, really, I would have never imagined that this would be a key factor in Affiliate Marketing. You are on it girl!

    1. Lauren Millman

      Thank you John! I GREATLY appreciate the vote of confidence! I’m glad you’re following and I hope you enjoy future posts just as much!

      BTW, where do you live north of Jacksonville? I also grew up on St. Simons Island as well, after I moved from Jacksonville.

  6. Alison Blaire

    I love this post, so much. I learned a lot, and wanted to share it but couldn’t find the share button on the bottom. It is so true we are only renting space on social media platforms, and utilizing our training and informative posts to provide value to our email list and getting viewers on our social media to opt in to our newsletter, is a better strategy than solely relying on posts to generate sales.

    1. Lauren Millman

      Yes, yes, and YES! You got it, girl. I am glad people like yourself are understanding this concept and see that it’s a much more effective strategy.

  7. Hi Lauren, this is excellent information and gives insight into how email marketing works for those who do not know what it entails. I can appreciate your precise explanation about the components to providing good quality email campaigns and what is necessary to hold a readers attention and leave them wanting more. Excellent post!
    Vanessa recently posted…What Do I Do…And, Can You Do It Too?My Profile

  8. Well, during all my years online, I’ve always heard the phrase “the money is in the list”. I believe that’s more true now than ever before. With the new and more stringent rules around emails lists from the email providers an email list will have to consist of a well trageted audience, meaning people really interested in your message.
    Katrin recently posted…Opt-in Page – What It Is and How I Learned To Create OneMy Profile

    1. Lauren Millman

      Very true, Katrin. I have heard this saying as well. I think you’re very right: it’s now more important than ever!

  9. When I started affiliate marketing I thought I’d just be doing it on social media, but now I completely agree – social media is a good way to get the initial connection, but to really build the connection you’ve got to get them over to another form of communication where you own the list.

  10. Lauren, I was wondering what your email open rate is vs. your spam folder rate?
    Also, I like your article graphics plus it breaks up my text.

    1. Lauren Millman

      I haven’t had a problem with my emails landing in spam folders. I think I’m one of the lucky ones in that regard.

  11. Meredith Moore

    Hi Lauren,
    I believe that social media plays a big role in this industry, simply because all the social media platforms are massive, and it’s a great way to build an audience in today’s world. That way you can bring them to your website for them to subscribe. Then you can build that relationship faster with your viewers to be able to send them quality emails and offers. I haven’t gotten there yet, but I plan on using Facebook and Tiktok for when I get started. Great post! I look forward to your next one.
    Meredith Moore recently posted…Onward and Upward: Embracing the Momentum of Moving Forward!My Profile

    1. Lauren Millman

      Thank you Meredith! I plan on using TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook mostly myself. I’m glad you enjoyed the post!

  12. Nakina Lawson

    Hi, Lauren!
    I like how you’ve balanced the importance of reaching your audience the first time through social media with the importance of following up with and building a relationship with them over time through email.
    Of course, both are important. I had never thought about which one was more important. If I prioritized, email would be most important because I want to keep my audience engaged.
    Thank you for that. Since traffic comes first, I hadn’t realized follow-up would be prioritized first. I hope that makes sense.
    A very helpful article!
    Nakina Lawson recently posted…Five Steps to Add Social Sharing Buttons To Your BlogMy Profile

  13. Martin Lefebvre

    Email marketing can be made easy if you have the good tools to work with. Finding these tools can be challenging as I experienced before I got onto Affiliate System. I have seen that only a small percentage of those email marketing companies are willing to accept affiliate marketers.
    Otherwise, I can’t emphasize enough the importance of having an email list of fans as it is an audience you own which you could nurture relationships with.
    Thank you Lauren, you did a very informative post here and between each words, we can feel your passion and how it looks so easy for you.
    Have a good day!

    1. Lauren Millman

      Wow, Martin, thank you! What a kind compliment. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Of course I’m honored you can feel the passion as well; that’s something I am always hoping will shine through.
      Also, I had no idea that some email marketing companies cap the number of affiliate marketers into their system. That’s certainly news to me! That’s valuable information to have though. Thank you for sharing.

  14. Sherri Pulcino

    Like you, when I started affiliate marketing I thought my contacts would be all through social media. However I agree that an email campaign is a critical component as well as social media. If we can be successful at both then our business will flourish.
    Sherri Pulcino recently posted…Just Keep Going!My Profile

  15. Hi Lauren,
    Great post and very informative!
    Thank you for providing this great – and much needed information for anybody who wants to join us in this Affiliate Marketing quest for financial success.
    Looking forward to your future posts.
    All the best!

  16. Lauren, thanks for your post. Reading this has really made me think about my view of social media. I understand email marketing and how important it is to have this direct connection with your audience. You make a very good point in that the objective of your social media is to get them to sign up to your email list, unfortunately, sometimes people including myself end up doing a video that a little bit entertaining and people like it, but that effort and energy and time is wasted because nothing comes of it regarding email. I do find it difficult to always know what to talk about and to provide value without sounding like we are constantly selling something. You’ve got a true gift for writing and it’s great that you enjoy it because you will benefit from that greatly. Thanks for a great post. Talk soon. Thanks, Atif
    Atif Perwiz recently posted…Unlock both locks on the door if you want success in Affiliate MarketingMy Profile

    1. Lauren Millman

      You always provide me such great feedback, Atif, and I’m always grateful. The one thing I would point out to you though, is that I don’t think that an entertaining video (that you perceive didn’t get anything from it) is ever wasted effort. Far from it. Every time people view your content, that’s one more notch on the headboard of a time when they build a connection with you. Remember: someone may not join your email list the first video they see, or 5th, or 20th. What if it’s the 21st video they view of you when they finally join your list? That’s okay.. and I’d even say it’s normal in many cases. So shake up the content… do what your personality grabs you to do. People will enjoy seeing your genuine personality come out in many different ways. But any video you post is NEVER wasted effort.
      And thank you for the kind words; You know I love writing so that’s always nice to hear. 🙂

  17. Lauren,
    Wow! An incredible post! So much vital information for someone just starting out in Affiliate Marketing! Your post is a gold mine of info. Great job!!

  18. Lauren your graphics were very pleasant to look at. They immediately grabbed my attention. I had always heard emails were important because they are an owned asset. The hard part about social media is that you do not own it. To date I have been kicked out of Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok at least a couple times for reasons I never understood. You begin to realize nothing ventured nothing gained. You can always start over again. Persistence is the key.
    Scott Rulon recently posted…What? That did not happen to meMy Profile

    1. Lauren Millman

      Thank you for sharing your story, Scott. Unfortunately I’ve heard variations of this many times, where people were booted or kicked out of one social media or another for reasons that just didn’t make sense. It’s scary to consider the repercussions of having your whole business on social media only to have it shut down. But you are very, very right: Persistence is DEFINITELY key.

  19. Hi Lauren, I am beginning to appreciate why having an email list is so important and your post has added hugely to that appreciation. Your talent for writing is clearly demonstrated in your blogs. I’m extremely envious as I’ve never enjoyed writing myself but can see that you love it. I’ll keep coming back here to absorb more of your wisdom.

    1. Lauren Millman

      Andy, thank you so much for your kind words! I am so very happy you were able to find value in my post, that certainly makes it worth it. Looking forward to having you back over in future posts!


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