It’s been 21 weeks since I started the beta testing of Affiliate System and ultimately the real building of my online business.  I am proud of the massive strides I have made in that time, particularly since the majority of the skills I have learned I did so from scratch, having little to no experience prior to this business. I have learned skills that are needed to launch my online business that I never thought I would learn nor knew I needed, better yet become very comfortable and confident with them.  I’m learning skills that I can use in many different capacities and different online businesses in the future.  Sometimes it’s a little overwhelming, but more times than not, this process has been quite exciting. 



I have spend these last 21 weeks in the business-creation mode.  I’ve been creating and perfecting my WordPress website, setting up my blog and drafting weekly content, writing my lead magnet and organizing it into an ebook,  drafting my automated email sequence, arranging my email workflow(s), and testing my email sequence.  I’ve attended more than 40 hours of training and coaching calls.  All of these things were done before I ever created my first social media account.

I’m finally at the state where the majority of the creating side of the business (i.e. website, email sequence, lead magnet) is complete.  I will undoubtedly continue to improve and update these aspects of my business over, but for now, the first versions are up and functional.  I doubt I will ever feel they are “complete,” because every time I grow, or level up, my content will do the same.


The creation side of my online business needed to be completed before I dove into the social media side of things.  The audience (or traffic) that I capture on social media needs to be nurtured by the content on my blog and in my newsletter.  I didn’t understand this initially; however, I am grateful I have a firm grasp on those concepts now.

It’s been 21 weeks, and I would be lying if I said a piece of me wishes I would be  further down the road.  I have to remind myself often that since I am a part of the beta testing for Affiliate System, things have gone a little slower during the training than it typically would.  Although I’m anxious to see the fruits of my labor, I’m at peace with the timing of my progress.  I have my sights set on the bigger picture.

Now it’s time to focus on that aspect of my business that I have found to be less enjoyable: producing social media content.  Of course, the more I do, the more comfortable I am becoming in my content.  This past week, I was in a groove with the amount of videos I published. I was quite proud of myself.  Now, my main focus is to produce more videos and post more consistently.  I feel more confident about my social media videos now than I ever have.  We’re making progress!   

In addition to focusing more on my social media content, I’m also learning more about Facebook Lead Ads.  In addition to the organic content that I will be producing, Facebook Lead Ads will be my paid traffic source.  This is the traffic-generating side of the business, consisting of now both my social media channels (called organic traffic) and now the Facebook Lead Ads (paid traffic).  Both of these traffic strategies are very important for this phase of my business, since generating traffic to my website and ultimately to my newsletter is the primary focus for my business at this point. 

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21 thoughts on “A Progress Update”

  1. Hey Lauren – I love following you. You often say things that I wish I would have said or thought. Yes, you have come a long, long way. I am glad to see your video content now and, of course, your blog. Not only are you a gifted and organized writer, but you content is so valuable. Case in point, “The creation side of my online business needed to be completed before I dove into the social media side of things.” That is so smart. Some things need to happen in steps and you did not put the cart before the horse, as they say. Spending 21 weeks on anything is a long time, but in this case, it seems that it is time well spent. Have a great week, my friend!
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    1. Lauren Millman

      Ernie, I’m so glad you resonated with this blog. I know it’s hard to understand, in the beginning, about the importance of doing things in the right order. Now.. sitting from where I am, I absolutely understand that importance. Thank you for following, as always! I appreciate your feedback each week!

  2. Kate Loving Shenk

    I love the concept of a second act-or third or fourth act. We can do what ever we want to do. That’s the beauty of this. You are doing great on tik tok! That’s one social media site I never thought I’d participate in! Now i go there to check out what our group is doing there. And try not to go down the rabbit hole!
    Kate Loving Shenk recently posted…13 Timeless Principles For Embracing The Magic Of NOWMy Profile

  3. Congratulations on reaching the 21-week mark in your affiliate marketing journey! It’s genuinely inspiring to hear how much you’ve accomplished, especially starting from scratch and learning everything you need to build your business. It’s a stark reminder to all of us that feeling behind is just a part of the journey, and really, we’re only racing against ourselves.

    Your dedication to meticulously creating and refining your WordPress site, email sequences, and lead magnets before jumping into social media is a testament to your strategic approach. It’s clear you understand the value of building a solid foundation that will support sustainable growth. And now, as you shift more focus to social media and begin integrating Facebook Lead Ads, your prior groundwork will undoubtedly enhance your ability to engage and expand your audience effectively.

    Your progress, especially in video content, is particularly motivating. It’s great to hear you’re finding your groove and feeling more confident, each step forward is a leap towards your broader goals. Keep pushing through, the pace might feel slow now, but you’re laying down the tracks for future success. Looking forward to seeing where the next weeks take you and cheering you on as you continue to grow!

    1. Lauren Millman

      Thank you, Steve! It’s very encouraging to read that you believe that my prior groundwork will benefit me well as I move into this next level of my business. I appreciate those words of encouragement!

  4. Nakina Lawson

    Congrats, Lauren!
    Your business system is settling in place. Soon you’ll be focused simply on getting traffic and follow-up. Everything else will be in place, and you’ll just need to tweak it now and then. How exciting! It does take time to get started. But what is 21 weeks in the course of things? It’s not even a full six months! Way to go, Lauren!
    Nakina Lawson recently posted…How to Use Fluent ReaderMy Profile

    1. Lauren Millman

      Thank you for the encouragement, Nakina! I agree with you: 21-weeks in the big course of things should be nothing. Let’s hope all this time spent setting things up will pay off nicely!

  5. Sarah Goulding

    I love reading your blogs. I look forward to Saturdays to see what you’ve been up to that week and what you have learnt along the way. 21 blogs is a fantastic achievement. I wonder what your life would look like in another 21 weeks of learning. Can you imagine the skills you’ve have then? So exciting!!
    I have loved watching your videos on TikTok and very much excited to see more pop up on my FYP. X

    1. Lauren Millman

      That’s an exciting thought: what’s my life going to look like in another 21-weeks?! Great question! And one I’m excited to ponder over.

  6. It’s fantastic that you’ve managed to get all your business systems set up in the background enabling you to shift your focus to the social media creation. I know it’s terribly daunting but perseverance is key. I’m one who finds it difficult to think of content for my videos, hence I only create them infrequently. I know I must do more. 21 weeks. Wow, how time flies. We must be enjoying ourselves. Keep up the great work!

    1. Lauren Millman

      I can ABSOLUTELY relate to you, Andy, about finding it difficult to come up with content for my videos. I’m getting better, but I’m definitely no where near as confident in my videos as I am with my blog posts or newsletter content. It’s always comforting when I hear from others who struggle with the same challenges that I do.

  7. Eleanor Hope

    21 weeks! how amazing is that?
    It sometimes feels like it was just yesterday we started blogging, but time has passed and we’ve learned so much.

    And I love it when I am learning.

    I am also so very glad to read that although you wish you were further ahead you are at peace with the timing.

    That is so great because now you are relaxed and able to enjoy the journey.
    And what an amazing journey it is and will be!

  8. It’s exciting to see you progressing and moving toward your Total Success goals Lauren! The TicTok thing, I don’t get.
    Hey 21 weeks, that’s only 6 months, 1/2 year. That is great progress you have accomplished in such a short time. Keep it up!

  9. Sherri Pulcino

    Congratulations with completing your website, email sequences and getting your lead magnets up and running. That was a huge accomplishment. Keep on creating your content. I have seen a few of your videos and you are doing great.

    1. Lauren Millman

      Thank you Sherri! I appreciate you engaging with my content and for providing feedback! I’m humbly grateful!

  10. Alison Blaire

    I completely understand the mix of excitement and occasional overwhelm that comes with building something from the ground up. It’s comforting to hear that someone else is going through similar experiences and triumphs.

    Your social media videos are incredible you are a natural and you would never know that you had so much fear around doing them.

    Keep pushing forward and embracing each new learning opportunity! Your story motivates me to keep going, even when the progress feels slow. Thank you for sharing your journey so openly!

  11. good job getting on TikTok and making that happen, I still need to get to social media content creation part, but am holding back because I want to “do it right” – I want to really feel like I know what I’m doing before I get on TikTok, but I guess I should just get started.

    Anyhow your whole second act thing reminds me of the saying – a person lives two lives, their second life begins when they realize they only have one life to live.

  12. Lauren, congratulations on reaching the 21-week milestone of building your online business with Affiliate System! It’s inspiring to hear about the massive progress you’ve made, especially considering your journey from scratch with little prior experience. Your dedication to learning and mastering new skills is truly commendable, and it’s evident that your hard work is paying off. Creating your WordPress website, drafting blog content, and setting up your email sequences demonstrate your commitment to building a solid foundation for your business.

    It’s great to hear that the creation phase of your business is nearing completion, with your website, email sequences, and lead magnet all up and running. While these aspects may continue to evolve, it’s a significant accomplishment to have them functional. Your understanding of the importance of nurturing your audience through blog content and newsletters before diving into social media showcases your strategic approach to building a sustainable online presence.

    Although you may sometimes wish for faster progress, it’s important to acknowledge the unique challenges of being part of the Affiliate System beta testing. Your patience and commitment to the bigger picture will undoubtedly lead to long-term success. Embracing the task of producing social media content, coupled with your growing confidence in video creation, reflects your willingness to adapt and improve.

    Exploring Facebook Lead Ads as a paid traffic source demonstrates your proactive approach to driving traffic to your website and newsletter. Balancing organic and paid traffic strategies is crucial for maximising your business’s reach and impact. Keep up the fantastic work, Lauren! Your progress and determination serve as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere. Wishing you continued success on your journey ahead!

  13. Denny Medeiros

    Hi Lauren,
    Great post! 21 weeks and your kicking butt! Your blog is awesome and you social media too. There’s no doubt you’re going to do amazing with your Facebook lead ads as your paid traffic source. Keep up the awesome work Lauren! I’ll be keeping track of your progress 🙂
    Denny Medeiros recently posted…Change Isn’t Change Until You ChangeMy Profile


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