This is the Part 2 follow-up post to how I started my Affiliate Marketing journey.

I shared with you in my previous post (Part One) how I was first introduced to the idea of affiliate marketing (at the time, not even knowing what that was), to the point where I began taking action steps to building a legitimate online business.

As anyone should probably do when starting a new and unfamiliar venture, I spent many, many hours researching and absorbing the never-ending ideas how one could do this affiliate marketing thing. Eventually my journey took me down a path that I certainly was not expecting, and needless to say, the game changed. It all changed when I ordered the book, “The Iceberg Effect.”

Have you ever read a book that just “spoke to you?”  Or, have you ever found yourself reading something that felt like the Divine put it right in front of you, at that moment in time?  This book was just that.

By this point, I was just starting to gain a small understanding of what affiliate marketing was, and the book provided a very helpful frame of reference to better help clarify that things that were confusing to me.  The more I read, the more questions I had, but not because the book confused me, it was rather just the opposite: the book was opening ideas and concepts that hadn’t been answered yet.  Ultimately, the author of that book, Dean Holland, would wind up being my new business mentor.  Yeah… didn’t see that coming…

If you told me back in September I would have chosen this path, (i.e. joining a coaching program for this affiliate marketing thing), I would have undeniably, inequitably thought you were crazy.  At that time, when I first began this journey, I thought surely I could research whatever I needed to online and learn from there.  Although this is true, everything is available online, I quickly realized that would be taking the long route to my goal.  For me, once I decided this was the direction I wanted to go down, I couldn’t acquire coaching quick enough.

I don’t say this lightly: I have been beyond impressed with the over-delivery of this program and the training I have received.  Although I am relatively new to this industry, I have already witnessed unethical and downright shady practices.  I was very fortunate to find this program, and a valuable mentor, very early in my process, which put me in the right direction from Day One.  I know many of my colleagues cannot say the same.

My biggest challenge to date has been how long it has taken me to get up and running. To date, I have yet to earn a single penny from my venture. I started back in September, thinking within 30 or by the very least, 60 days, I would be up and running.  It’s now January and I am still not there.  Now, granted, that is mostly due to my own accord, as a result of technical missteps, unnecessary delays, and my own indecisiveness, which I will share in future posts. The best way I would describe my experience during those training months is, I had to take 10 steps backwards in order to fly 100 steps forward. By far, this has been my most frustrating experience thus far, even though it will be for the absolute benefit in the future.

Actually, now that I sit here and write this, … I think I just came up with a new blog post!  If I could speak to Lauren of three, four, or even five months ago, what advice would I give her?  For those of you reading this now, those that are just starting out, would that blog post be something you would find interesting? If so, comment below and let me know.  Although some it is a little embarrassing, I would certainly be willing to share with you those missteps, those top things that cost me three-plus months longer than it should have, if it means saving you from making those same mistakes.

Ironically enough, even though I have yet to earn a single penny from my endeavors by this point, I have so much knowledge of this industry, what appears to be super-successful for some, and what appears to be a complete waste of time for others.  I can confidently say that I am taking my time, setting up a solid foundation that will prove itself very worthwhile in the long run.  I’m not just simply setting up a side hustle… this is establishing a foundation for a wealthy, long-term business venture.

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16 thoughts on “How I Got Here (Part Two): Starting Affiliate Marketing”

  1. Lauren
    Great post! You are so right so much to learn. So many bad people out there just trying to take our money. I also stumbled across Deans book
    And knew this was it for me too.
    Looking forward to watching your progress as the weeks and months past!

    Thanks Sandy
    Sandy recently posted…My 5th Post – Where’s My Free Time?My Profile

  2. Eleanor Hope

    Hi Lauren,

    I have purchased this book but have not read it. As it has made such a difference for you, I will be taking it off the shelf and reading it, I also have the audio which might be easier to consume while I am out and about.

    Thank you for sharing this post.

    1. Lauren Millman

      I’m glad this will motivate you to read Dean’s book! I hope you find it as beneficial as I did. Thank you for sharing

  3. Nakina Lawson

    Hi, Lauren! I am interested in what you’ve learned in the past few months. I’ve found that my progress in building an online business is based not just on the technical steps but also on learning how to be productive, deal with setbacks, and keep going forward from those quickly.

    Any insight you’ve learned would be much appreciated!

    Sharing our experiences can help us move forward that much faster.
    Nakina Lawson recently posted…This Is Just To SayMy Profile

    1. Lauren Millman

      Nakina, you have just provided me content ideas for months, thank you! It’s my plan to share all of this, and more. I completely agree: although the technical side is worth discussing, so is the emotional journey as well as the intangibles. More to come (I promise!)

  4. Karen Elissabeth

    Hey Lauren, What a great post!
    It was a long time before I came across Dean’s book. I fell down rabbit hole after rabbit hole and I ended up so confused and frustrated..it played havoc with my sanity!
    When I did find Dean’s book though I just KNEW I had finally landed in the right place. Even though I had wasted alot of money on programmes that over promised then hugely under delivered I knew having Dean as a Mentor would change everything and it has!.
    So pleased you found it sooner rather than later!
    Your post is so informative for anyone who reads it so well done you! 💯👊
    I look forward to reading more and following your progress
    Wishing you a fab week!, month and year!!

  5. Laren,

    I am glad you found a good mentor early on in your research. As you stated some of your partners were not as fortunate. I am defiantly one who was not as blessed to find a good mentor early on.

    I came across The Iceberg Effect and figure for the shipping and handling what have I got to loose. I was still skeptical so I purchased Dean Holland’s Quick Start Program. In the program Dean overdelivered and I realized Dean was a true mentor.
    This has help my online business move forward much quicker with a set path.

    Glad to see you are on your way to bright future.

  6. Lauren, A great blog about your journey so far. Regarding how long it’s taken I was quite similar to you that I thought it would happen relatively quickly. However, I started with Dean around March April 2023. That was with the iceberg effect book and then doing the Quickstart challenge, it wasn’t until later, I started the Internet profits accelerator. Until now I’ve not earned anything. I put this down to my traffic strategy and also my mindset. Things are now quite different with the affiliate system and I’ve been working on my mindset a lot. I.e. just concentrate on adding value to people not on sales. At some point it will start happening. Thanks so much. Take care talk soon Atif

    1. Lauren Millman

      Atif, thank you for sharing. I’m sure we can lean on each other for support during these early times. I have no doubt we will be looking back at some point and in awe how far we have come!

  7. Denny Medeiros

    Hi Lauren,
    Great post! So glad you keep going and press through learning what you need!
    I look at it as the time it’s taking and the hard lessons learned was necessary and you wouldn’t become successful unless you face and push through to the point of success!
    You’re doing awesome!

    1. Lauren Millman

      Thank you Denny! I don’t think I can hear your support and motivation enough! I truly appreciate it.

  8. This is such an important post to read. Your honesty reveals that you, and others, have made the right choice with realistic expectations. You and I are on the same path and at the same level. I look forward to watching you grow this business as will give us all hope that anything is possible with a little effort mixed with great motivation!

    1. Lauren Millman

      Ernie, I’m so happy to hear that you and I are on the same path. As I’ve mentioned to others, I think there is tremendous benefit to us finding strength in others who are on the same path as ourselves. I look forward to hear about your journey as well.

  9. Fabulous post, Lauren,
    you’ve made a huge progress since September. As Dean said, look at the new skills you’ve learned and the new people you’ve met. You are on the right path, especially when you have such a positive experience with the coaching program.
    I also love the book, you recommend. I listened to the audio version a couple of times while driving, every time discovering something new.
    Trust the system and money will follow as Dean says.
    Looking forward to your next post. Tom

  10. Kate Loving Shenk

    What a journey it is. As long as I continue to enjoy it, the farther along I will be. The technology hangs me up, but everyday, something new from Dean’s tutorials sinks in. That is a great experience!


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