I made the decision in September of 2023 that I was bound and determined to begin affiliate marketing.  I had little knowledge of what I was getting myself into, but the little I did know had me intrigued and hooked. 

It’s now January of 2024 and I’ve been working diligently for the last four months to get this business up and running.  I feel like I could fill a book with all the knowledge I have gained in these last few months.  I can humbly admit that this process hasn’t gone anything like I anticipated it would, mostly reasons for the better and a few for the worse.  However, even though I have yet to see the fruits of my labor come to fruition, I am surprised just how excited and dedicated I have stayed to this process.  If I were on the outside looking in, I would probably think I should feel more frustrated than excited, so I’m very grateful that’s not the case. I believe the reason for that is because I feel in my heart this is path I’m supposed to be on at this stage in my life.  Sometimes.. you just know.

To get you all caught up to speed what got me to the point I am now, I’ll share with you a little of what’s transpired over these last few months:

In spring of 2023, I began noticing a trend on social media popping up in my news feed about affiliate marketing. I watched many Facebook and Instagram reels; however, I quickly dismissed it.  More reels would pop up, and I would dismiss some more. I remember my initial impression was not only were these video snippets and advertisements corny and dumb, I had a hard time believing that they were being truthful (actually, I still don’t think most of them are).  Most were complete phony, however some started to catch my attention. I remember thinking that even if only a portion of what I was seeing were actually true, this is quite intriguing.

Something like affiliate marketing seemed like such a natural, even organic (no pun intended), progression for my life, since I had spent much of the last ten years in practice recommending products and services to my  patients.  My very nature is one that will always research products and services at nauseam before I personally decide to buy or use something.  Its only natural for me to share this with others, except now I have the opportunity to share with a much larger audience than what I was previously.

It was probably sometime during the summer that I started researching all the ways I could do this affiliate marketing thing.  I wanted to know how others were doing it and all the different ways it could be done.  I wanted to know the time and commitment involved, the tools involved, and I wanted to know how the big kids were doing it.  Were there professionals out there sharing their knowledge and experience from one field and sharing that in this one? It was beyond overwhelming.  The internet and social media was flooded with information… but the majority of it was just garbage. It seemed by all accounts there were no two people doing it the exact same. This is both good and bad… I loved the idea of the individualization and putting my own spin to anything.. however this felt frustrating when you’re trying to learn the ropes.

From the beginning I was very intrigued with the concept of what I thought affiliate marketing entailed; however, I was becoming more and more frustrated with the lack of quality information I was finding. The more I researched affiliate marketing, the more I felt I was running into dishonest or unethical practices. It seemed like everything was a “get rich quick” scheme. Something didn’t feel quite right.  I needed a guidepost, something or someone to help teach me the ethical ways of the affiliate marketing world. I was understanding the big picture of it all, but I needed a better understanding of the details involved in setting up the backend. I wasn’t looking for this to be a hobby, so I needed something or someone serious. If I was going to pour my heart into this, I needed to learn how to do it right, from the beginning.

It was end of summer when I stumbled upon the book that changed my life. I sent off for a hard copy of Dean Holland’s book, “The Iceberg Effect” and the rest is history. I certainly had no idea what I was getting into, but that was a complete blessing. You will notice banners throughout my blog where you also can send off for a copy of The Iceberg Effect as well. I don’t say this lightly, which is, I won’t promote anything that I don’t stand 100% behind, and that book, along with Dean Holland’s guidance, was a game changer for me.

The Iceberg Effect set a foundation for affiliate marketing that made sense. More importantly, it was ethical, honest, and practical. My first thought after reading the book was feeling that the amount of potential available in affiliate marketing was far greater than I was originally thinking. The possibilities were mind-blowing.

I now had the blueprint of what I needed to do. I knew exactly whom I needed in order to get me to where I needed to go.

This is the point to which I hired a mentor, someone that I quickly felt possessed the resources and the training I needed to launch a successful online business. As you will hear me say many times, it was by no accident I sent off for that book.

I’ll pause here for now and will share the part two of this journey in my next post.

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9 thoughts on “How I Got Here (Part One): Starting Affiliate Marketing”

  1. Oh Yes….

    “The more I researched affiliate marketing, the more I felt I was running into dishonest or unethical practices. Something didn’t feel quite right. I needed a guidepost, something, or someone to help teach me the ethical ways of the affiliate marketing world.”

    There are some bad eggs out there and we need to be aware, but I have also found a lot of genuine, honest people happy to help and to share their honest experiences, I look forward to part 2!
    Tony recently posted…Applying The Lipstick!My Profile

  2. kate loving shenk

    Everyone has a path that led them here. Mine is similar but not entirely the same. Of course!

  3. Alison Blaire

    Hi Lauren! I love that you know, in your heart, that affiliate marketing is your path. I think the universe shows you signs and points you to exactly where you need to be! I am glad you are not frustrated but excited. I try to stay in a state of excitement and hope, even when things don’t go as planned, but this is something that is a constant work in progress, just like me and my affiliate marketing journey!

  4. Robert Klein

    It’s good to see someone as yourself as being a connector of people with product and services that you not only stand behind but you’ve used as well. People can much more easily buy into the benefits when you hold such passion for how it inspired you to get a mentor for getting an online business going.
    Robert Klein recently posted…Consistent Action to be Healthy Wealthy and WiseMy Profile

  5. We have all encountered our fair share of corny, phony and dumb ads. It is not necessary a bad thing.

    After all, they got your attention and introduced the concept of affiliate marketing to you, which lead you to do further research of your own, which lead you to find The Iceberg Effect, which eventually lead you to start this blog.

    1. Lauren Millman

      They may have got my attention… but only to show me everything I DIDN’T want to do! 🙂


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