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The Worst Part of Affiliate Marketing

By this point in our relationship, dear reader, I believe you know I’m going to be very real with you.  I share with you exactly what I would want shared with me, if I were in your shoes, particularly if you’re relatively new to this Affiliate Marketing/online business journey. It’s my goal to always share

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Where The Money Is

When I first started Affiliate Marketing I heard the saying, “The money is in the list.”  I’ll be honest with you: I never understood what that meant, at least not until recently. In fact, I assumed it was one of those colloquial sayings that Affiliate Marketers said amongst each other to sound cool. I probably

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A Progress Update

It’s been 21 weeks since I started the beta testing of Affiliate System and ultimately the real building of my online business.  I am proud of the massive strides I have made in that time, particularly since the majority of the skills I have learned I did so from scratch, having little to no experience

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When Things Get Hard

It’s time we have a little chat, dear affiliate marketing friend.     I understand you’ve been working hard at creating this online business for a several weeks now, perhaps even several months. I understand that you’re willing to throw in the towel, call it quits.    I hear you.  Let’s talk.   You jumped

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The Line in the Sand

Hello there! Welcome to my first ever blog post. My name is Lauren and thank you for joining me. This post is not only the beginning of my blogging journey, it’s intended to track my new online business journey. I’m both excited and anxious to start this new career, this Second Act in my life.

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