Indecision Paralysis

Have you ever experienced indecision paralysis?  (I’m not entirely sure if that’s even a “thing,” but it feels appropriately labeled). I’ve had a particularly challenging week in regards to my business startup progress. I have made mounds of progress over these last several weeks, between setting up my website, creating a functional funnel system, and

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How I Got Here (Part Two): Starting Affiliate Marketing

This is the Part 2 follow-up post to how I started my Affiliate Marketing journey. I shared with you in my previous post (Part One) how I was first introduced to the idea of affiliate marketing (at the time, not even knowing what that was), to the point where I began taking action steps to

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How I Got Here (Part One): Starting Affiliate Marketing

I made the decision in September of 2023 that I was bound and determined to begin affiliate marketing.  I had little knowledge of what I was getting myself into, but the little I did know had me intrigued and hooked.  It’s now January of 2024 and I’ve been working diligently for the last four months

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The Line in the Sand

Hello there! Welcome to my first ever blog post. My name is Lauren and thank you for joining me. This post is not only the beginning of my blogging journey, it’s intended to track my new online business journey. I’m both excited and anxious to start this new career, this Second Act in my life.

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