It’s So Much Bigger Than Affiliate Marketing

When I started this journey into affiliate marketing, I spent a lot of time watching other affiliate marketers on social media.  This was my initial exposure to the industry and my first impression of affiliate marketing went something like this: it’s easy to learn, easy to start, and you will be making money in no

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Social Media sucks

Okay, I really don’t mean it: Social Media does not suck… but we’re just not on speaking terms right now…    When I first started my blogging, I told you that the purpose of this blog was to track and document my journey as I started my online business from scratch.  While I aim to

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The Inevitable Just Happened…

  I have been diligently working hard for several months, particularly the last two months, to accomplish all the tasks needed to get this business up, running, stable, and profitable.    I’m spending on average 20-25 hours per week on a variety of tasks, including documenting my journey through my blog, continually perfecting my website,

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Marketing for Affiliate Marketing

I love marketing. Developing and implementing a business marketing strategy is one aspect to business ownership that I thoroughly enjoy. It allows my creative side to come alive. To me, the creative aspect to marketing is like a blank canvas where I get to create whatever I want.  I think of marketing like baking a

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Talking to myself about Affiliate System

I have gained an insane amount of knowledge over these last few months as I’ve been setting up my online business.  Sometimes it’s still astounding to me to think about how far I’ve come in what is relatively a short period of time. In a recent newsletter email that was sent out to my subscribers,

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Social Media Short Videos: What kind are you?

I write this blog post to the new affiliate marketer who is struggling to launch their social media content, in particular, their short-form videos. Perhaps you’re one of those who isn’t sure what to talk about, or how to capture engaging content. In thinking about what I wanted to write about this week, I had

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