Author: Lauren Millman

The Worst Part of Affiliate Marketing

By this point in our relationship, dear reader, I believe you know I’m going to be very real with you.  I share with you exactly what I would want shared with me, if I were in your shoes, particularly if you’re relatively new to this Affiliate Marketing/online business journey.    It’s my goal to always

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Where The Money Is

When I first started Affiliate Marketing I heard the saying, “The money is in the list.”  I’ll be honest with you: I never understood what that meant, at least not until recently. In fact, I assumed it was one of those colloquial sayings that Affiliate Marketers said amongst each other to sound cool. I probably

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A Progress Update

It’s been 21 weeks since I started the beta testing of Affiliate System and ultimately the real building of my online business.  I am proud of the massive strides I have made in that time, particularly since the majority of the skills I have learned I did so from scratch, having little to no experience

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When Things Get Hard

It’s time we have a little chat, dear affiliate marketing friend.     I understand you’ve been working hard at creating this online business for a several weeks now, perhaps even several months. I understand that you’re willing to throw in the towel, call it quits.    I hear you.  Let’s talk.   You jumped

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It’s So Much Bigger Than Affiliate Marketing

When I started this journey into affiliate marketing, I spent a lot of time watching other affiliate marketers on social media.  This was my initial exposure to the industry and my first impression of affiliate marketing went something like this: it’s easy to learn, easy to start, and you will be making money in no

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Social Media sucks

Okay, I really don’t mean it: Social Media does not suck… but we’re just not on speaking terms right now…    When I first started my blogging, I told you that the purpose of this blog was to track and document my journey as I started my online business from scratch.  While I aim to

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