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The Worst Part of Affiliate Marketing

By this point in our relationship, dear reader, I believe you know I’m going to be very real with you.  I share with you exactly what I would want shared with me, if I were in your shoes, particularly if you’re relatively new to this Affiliate Marketing/online business journey.    It’s my goal to always

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Where The Money Is

When I first started Affiliate Marketing I heard the saying, “The money is in the list.”  I’ll be honest with you: I never understood what that meant, at least not until recently. In fact, I assumed it was one of those colloquial sayings that Affiliate Marketers said amongst each other to sound cool. I probably

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A Progress Update

It’s been 21 weeks since I started the beta testing of Affiliate System and ultimately the real building of my online business.  I am proud of the massive strides I have made in that time, particularly since the majority of the skills I have learned I did so from scratch, having little to no experience

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Hello! I’m Lauren, it’s truly a pleasure to ‘meet’ you! I want to welcome you to my site. Many in the past have called me Dr. Millman, or Doc, but these days, I’m just Lauren.  I’m a former practicing chiropractor and current online entrepreneur.  Like so many others that I have met on this path, I once had a different life, and a much different career.  I spent more than a decade owning and operating my private chiropractic practice.

However, as life does sometimes… my journey took an unexpected right turn. After 15+ years in private healthcare, I stepped away from my career. I’m in the Second Act of my life, as I like to refer to it, embarking on a new journey to create a successful online business, and I’m inviting you to share in this process with me.

This blog is two-fold: the first goal is to share my journey as I navigate and create a new online business, and in doing so, showing others how they can do the same.  The second part is just a little deeper, by helping others do the same, they can also achieve the financial freedom that I myself am seeking.  Essentially, I am out to create the life for me and my family that I want to live without it coming at the expense of my health, time, or sanity. Been there, done that.

My first career focused on holistic wellness. Nowadays, I have such a larger view of what wellness really entails. For example, our financial health is something rarely, if ever, discussed. Many times, our financial limitations prevent us in making the health choices we would otherwise make, or prevent us from purchasing products or services that we want or need. Living a healthy lifestyle is often viewed as a luxury and not a necessity, many times as a result of cost. As a former doctor who operated a private practice for more than a decade, I not only witnessed this for my patients, I have experienced this for myself. But what if we changed that personal narrative? What if there was a way, a good way, to take control over the life we want to lead?

I know it’s such a cliche to say, but the world is indeed changing. The opportunity to earn a handsome income online is unlike it’s ever been.  The opportunity to reach thousands of people is unprecedented and the potential impact that the internet could have on you and your family is nothing short of incredible… you just have to know where to look. 

I could say affiliate marketing found me, I didn’t find it.  It was an answer to a prayer that I wasn’t expecting.

I’m officially beginning this blog in January 2024.  I will continue to track and record my progress, sharing with you what I can, when I can, as I work behind the scenes. Much of what you will read here will include sharing my story, along with what is working for me and what is not, as well as a sprinkle of recommendations on various topics related to this journey.  As I discover them, I’ll share these recommendations (including affiliate links found here and there), and overall good-natured conversation! Create an account and join in!

So please read, enjoy, search, comment, and share as I continually add posts, articles, reviews, and tips for how to earn a good income in this online world, all the while maintaining your sanity throughout the process.

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